Monday, 8 May 2017

Self portrait

Diana Hand self portrait 2017    
I am working on self portrait studies at the moment, slowly, very slowly beginning to grasp the construction of the head and face and translating that structure into colour.  It is better for me to begin a drawing as a base from which to venture into the complexities of colour.

I hope sometime to make drawings of other people and will bear in the ideas of Wolfgang Tillmans.

"For him, it is a collaborative act and a good "a good levelling instrument".  No matter who the sitter -.. even the artist himself - the process is chracterized by the same dynamics of vulnerability, exposure, honesty and always, to some extent, self consciousness... highlighting the relationship between appearance and identity."   

 Notes from the catalogue to Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition in Tate Modern (February to June 2017).

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