Thursday, 30 October 2014

HOW TO DRAW HORSES the process of writing and drawing

Rediscovery of drawing
How to use mind - the lowest level of awareness
How to use hand and body  pleasure of channelling
How to use feelings - the next highest level of awareness
Looking and recording
Understanding form and its importance
Moving from writing to drawing  
Writing clears the head 

Diana Hand  Pencil drawing  Arabian

  Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Eye study

 Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Eye study from front

 Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Eye study from front

Diana Hand  Pencil drawing  Understanding the hindquarters

Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Clydesdale foal
Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Clydesdale foal and mare
Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Skeletal study of hoof 

Diana Hand  Pencil drawing Percheron Stallion 

My book, How to Draw Horses in 15 Minutes, will be published by Ilex Press spring 2015

Victoria Beckham top entrepreneur of 2014

Congratulations, Victoria Beckham, on your award and your achievements as a fashion designer since you launched your business a few years ago.  I like what you say about "feeling famous as a pop star but successful as a businesswoman and designer". 

Will Gompertz and Maria Abramovic

This programme, part of the Zeitgeisters series on Radio 4, was broadcast on 17th July.

In it Abramovic, the Yugoslavian artist,  talks with Gompertz about her life, and how she came to reject conventional art media in favour of performance art, taking life itself, and the personal experiences that we all have itself as her medium.

I found it a fascinating account of her ideas, which have been very influential in contemporary art.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Slow cooker book

I follow this blog and was delighted to see that Miss South has written a book about slow cooking.  Hurrah.  I am a huge fan of these gadgets which make delicious food the easy and economical way.

By a coincidence I am writing a book as well. I will put more information on a different post, but for now am so intrigued by Miss South's account of her experience.  At least I have not had to test recipes, not for the book anyway, but I have done 100s of drawings.  And improved a lot.  And learnt so much.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dylan Thomas and Fitzrovia

article by Griff Rhys Jones   Guardian 16.10.14

I love this account of Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia.  Jones himself lives in this part of London and celebrates it as the "creative centre of Britain.. not perhaps the airy-fairy spiritual creative centre, but certainly the Grub Street hack coterie, make-a-living-off-my-wits writers, artists and chancers' creative centre".

Personally I like to keep my feet well on the ground.  I like the challenge of being in contact with the public and testing myself against their reaction without the intermediary of galleries.  I need the everyday reaction which is embedded in daily life, not in a separate and special way of being. That way I can remain strong and independent.

But this might be a limitation.  Opening up to the support of other people's taste and giving yourself to them is a way of testing yourself as well.  It is all too easy to get closed in when you work on your own.