Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dylan Thomas and Fitzrovia

article by Griff Rhys Jones   Guardian 16.10.14

I love this account of Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia.  Jones himself lives in this part of London and celebrates it as the "creative centre of Britain.. not perhaps the airy-fairy spiritual creative centre, but certainly the Grub Street hack coterie, make-a-living-off-my-wits writers, artists and chancers' creative centre".

Personally I like to keep my feet well on the ground.  I like the challenge of being in contact with the public and testing myself against their reaction without the intermediary of galleries.  I need the everyday reaction which is embedded in daily life, not in a separate and special way of being. That way I can remain strong and independent.

But this might be a limitation.  Opening up to the support of other people's taste and giving yourself to them is a way of testing yourself as well.  It is all too easy to get closed in when you work on your own.

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