Friday, 27 January 2017

Self portraits

Self portrait (unfinished)  by Diana Hand

Alternative self portrait 1  Photo by Diana Hand

Alternative self portrait 2  Photo by Diana Hand

In the knowledge that every artist is really painting themselves in some way, I have included a 
couple of street shots along with my own first attempt at conventional self portraiture.  I have been fascinated for years by the oddments I see on pavements and in the streets, and now realise that the fragile beauty of these transitory and vulnerable objects may reflect how I feel about myself.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Gottfried Bammes and drawing the human figure

Diana Hand Figures sketches from Muybridge (January 2017)
Learning about shapes and movement from Gottfried Bammes - a great way to gain a flexible and useful basic knowledge of how the human body is shaped and how it works.  

My desk in the workshop

 HERE (below)  IS A PAGE OF SKETCHES BY HENRY MOORE, showing how he was thinking about the anatomical structure of the body in movement.

Henry Moore   Drawings of miners

 The movement drawings are different from the more considered study (below)

Diana Hand  Drawing of life model

Diana Hand  Preliminary drawing for painting on canvas (January 2017)

Diana Hand  Final painting of above (detail)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Toko Shinoda in Takayama "Art breathes life into architecture"

This includes reflections from the house!

Art breathes life into Architecture

An exhibition by Toko Shinoda in Takayama, Japan

This exhibition was in an old Edo type wooden house, in Takayama, a hill town in Central Japan. I was thrilled to see the use of stone lithography and the architectural abstract theme in Shinoda's work. She is 103 this year.  She is one of Japan's greatest artists. I hope she will not mind me including me in this blog.