Sunday, 28 July 2013

More thought processes

Original photo taken Newmarket September 2012

One of my colour studies - not sure why no feet

Trying to abstract a bit using monotone oil on board
Drawing again from memory - feet reappearing
Abstracting further and making a new picture - just the start here
Time looking at the top photo and one of my colour studies, which I was definitely not happy with.  Decided to work in mono colour, oil - ultramarine and sienna on board, making a kind of paint drawing.  Feel comfortable with this medium.  Difficult to abstract when something like a horse with all its subtleties is involved.  Relief to get beyond the study to the beginning of another kind of subject, focussing on the elements that interest me - blankets, railings, horse legs and shapes.  Way to go but feel I could take this somewhere.   And quite a surprise to look back at the original photo.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Intermediate processes

Studying from life is one thing, and a very valuable one.  But making the leap from that to something deeper and more energetic is something else.  I am not suggesting that versions (4) and (5) are successful, but they  do tap into a different sort of energy, they "unlock" a deeper source.  I work very intuitively with the equestrian drawings, and find it hard to work out what I am doing and why some things work.  I caught myself in the process here.

1. Page from Muybridge photographs

2. My drawing/study  - quite free

3. Getting looser but still very related to original photo

4. A leap to something different and more expressive - working on cloth

5. Similar to 4