Wednesday, 12 May 2010

But there is a link

I am reading a book about equine anatomy. Excellent book, encourages free experiment with different media and a relaxed approach. I am doing this because I have always enjoyed drawing horses, and
because I want to make some drawings, paintings and prints for my stand at the Royal Highland Agricultural show at the end of June.

At one point in t
his book, however, the author writes that even if someone has a facility for doing drawings (or anything), unless he or she has some underlying knowledge (about anatomy in this case) there is little scope for developing the work. One is always restricted to repeating the same theme.

Brilliant! I have experienced this state. I am good at playing with colour on fabric but after years of success I did not know how to move forward. Therefore I took the radical step of enrolling for a degree at Glasgow School of Art in 1997. A huge adventure full of the totally unexpected. Only now am I integrating this experience more deeply into my practice. I tremble as I write this, it is a vulnerable area.

Mind, hand and matter - again

A new thought - when making things, using hands, body and materials, it is important to practice constantly, I find. Otherwise flow, rhythm and ease are lost. But with ideas, it is different. Once established or "planted" they have an independent existence, and benefit from not being over worked. What an interesting difference!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mind, hand and matter.. and tai chi

Diana Hand Drawings on paper, charcoal and printed medium (100 x 50 cm)

I am enjoying some drawing on large sheets of paper. I have become a bit frustrated with printing in the formal sense. Last week I felt very stressed in the print workshop. For now I need to let rip with a more spontaneous and direct way of working. Though I will continue with lithography. I think this more holistic feeling might be linked to the tai chi course I did with James Shaw 3 weeks ago.