Sunday, 28 October 2012

Katerina Seda community artist

Spotted this feature about Czech artist, Katerina Seda in Frieze magazine, and in particular this photograph which appealed to the textile artist in me.  The scarf design is based on a situation in a Czech town.  A large factory plant has been built right in the middle of the town and this means that all the inhabitants have to make long detours to make journeys which previously took a few minutes. This is such a meaningful way to make a design.

Efterklang and Piramida

I was intrigued by this flier from the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.  The Danish group, Efterklang, had travelled to Svalbard and spent 9 days at the abandoned Russian town of Piramida.  They have partly used recordings and ideas from that trip in this new work.  I am fascinated by the Arctic and in particular Svalbard.  I have made prints based on drawings from this place.  

Mads, Casper and Rasmus

Victor Pasmore and Susie Leiper at Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

 I passed by the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh last week and by chance saw the work of these two wonderful artists.  Pasmore's abstract prints are sublime and Susie Leiper's Chinese watercolours and calligraphy also marvellous.

Susie Leiper

Screenprints by Victor Pasmore(1908-1998

Monday, 22 October 2012


Spotted these beautiful shadows at Edinburgh Print Studio gallery last week.

Starting to paint

Trying oil paint for almost the first time - in recent memory, that is  Fortunately I had kept my materials from art school and inherited some more from my artistic mum.  So here goes.... There is such a mystique about this kind of painting, but it is just another method, after all.  By all accounts the easiest.  Well ...
Colours look a bit different here from reality, and strangely, the first attempt looks better than the second one, which I thought is working better.  Neither is complete as yet.

Some of the kit
Sketches on the gallops

A tonal drawing from one of my Newmarket photos

First attempt - studio context

Equestrian art weekend

A great weekend in Suffolk with 
the Society of Equestrian Artists

Working from the model at Munnings house
Another model!

Suffolk Punch colt

On the gallops at Newmarket