Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Another version of the quotation

Eucalyptus grove in Laikipia, Kenya

The top two drawings seem to go together.  My first attempt at text, definitely need more practice.  I saw this quote by Sappho in British Museum last week.

The third drawing is quite a large sketch from a photo I took in Kenya in December last year.
 I did it about a month or more ago, it is quite rough and "instant" but it gives me pleasure.

Monday, 27 April 2015


Front cover of my book!    

I was approached out of the blue at the beginning of 2014 by Zara Larcombe of Ilex Press to ask if I would like to write and illustrate a book about drawing horses.  Naturally I jumped at the opportunity, but it was a sharp learning curve as I had to produce 8 double-page spreads of text and illustrations for a sample "blad" (book layout and design) within the space of about 3 weeks.  This was then honed by Ilex design team and taken to the USA in March.

Later on, around June, the commission was confirmed and I completed the book by the end of October.  There were small alterations to make after that, but basically most of it was done.  The book is part of a series created by Brighton artist Jake Spicer.  I see his books on "Draw Faces", "Draw Cats" and other titles everywhere.  I worked around his basic approach and format, but rewrote the text and created all the illustrations for the horse book. 

I learnt a lot about my own approach to drawing, and how to improve and understand, and how to add to my visual vocabulary. I have just received advance copies of the book, so it seems a reality now.  I will be making the book available at my shows this year, and it can already be found on amazon.