Saturday, 4 June 2016

Marcel Griaule, Anthropologist

Marcel Griaule (1898-1956) was a French anthropologist.  I spotted this quotation by him.  It applies to creating art as well as to anthropology.

 "The threshold is the knot separating 2 enemy worlds.  To cross a threshold is to traverse a zone of danger where invisible but real battles are fought"

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

George Martin 1926-1916

Martin mentoring the Fab Four

Check out this link for tributes to George Martin by other musicians.  Here is his obituary written by Adam Sweeting of the Guardian.

It is 3 months since Martin's death. His story was remarkable.  At the time an Arena programme was re-released, outlining his life.  What was remarkable was his association with the Goon Show.

Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secome
 I can remember this show, but I never "got it".  My loss.  They were all brilliant people.  Martin did a lot with Sellers in particular.

In the interview for Arena, Martin talked about the relationship between visual art and music, how he gained inspiration from looking at paintings.  Sorry, I noted this down at the time but cannot remember more.  If I find my notes I will add to this blog.

Roberto Anfosso, the riding doctor in Piedmont

I read this article in Guardian Travel at the weekend.  It is about a doctor who rides his horse to reach remote areas in his practice in Italy.  It ticks so many boxes for me - the horse and his relationship with it, the experience of riding off-track, the gifts of beautiful food that his patients give him, Italy....  Read and enjoy.