Sunday, 26 June 2011

Regaining sanity

Been on a frantic activity trip over past two months, well, almost three months if you count the trip down south to Harrogate trade fair and other events during early April, not yet absorbed. Hardly time since to breathe and under pressure constantly to revise the way I work, prepare for exhibition and big shows with completely new profile. I showed horse drawings at the Highland Show and no one I knew recognised me because they were expecting a textile display!

Now this evening home from show and I feel slightly saner and a bit better off, but urgently needing to review what has been done, what was valid, what was a vanity project and what might actually work in the future.

Little time recently to read and register what is happening in the world, in spite of much momentous happenings. However, managed during lengthy quiet spells during Highland Show to catch up with news and also on a personal level improve my tai chi practice!
Just learning to release energy down into the earth and let it rise up through the body. Martial arts idea. Very powerful. Useful in learning to relate to encounters by allowing them to be absorbed by the earth and rebound.

Appreciation of my wonderful smart phone which allowed me to research info and stay mentally alive while I sat at my stand at show