Saturday, 6 May 2017

Abstracting the horse

Really pleased with this total chance one which popped out today   Blurred movement is probably a good way for my horses right now.

Now (10th May) working on a photo composition from Newmarket a few years ago.  Experimenting, moving from a fairly exact version via a playful experimental sketch version through to version 2.
It is hard to see from the photograph what the paintings are like because texture and movement are quite important.  I am trying to work out what is interesting and important, it has to be the stripes and the pink jacket and the denim legs, plus the horse's body and legs.  Version 2 was enjoyable to do (it is unfinished as yet) because I felt much freer and more involved with it and it seemed that the subject was essentially the horse and rider relationship.  But I don't think I have the proportions quite right. Version 1 appealed to my more logical side.  I like the watery sketch too, it is probably the best!  In all cases, I worked out the main colours first and prepared my palette, but was prepared to play with that (see the sketch version)

Next stage - I did another version with more paint and energy and eventually started to see beyond the surface (stripes and pattern) to the basic composition, rhythm and shapes.  Huge moment.  Having established the key shapes I then did a free drawing playing with the basic shapes, then moved into that with the main colours, which I know by now.  This may turn back into a figure of a rider.


Version 1 painting  acrylic on canvas
Version 1 +

Having a play  acrylic on card
Version 2 unfinished   acrylic on canvas
Version 2 blurred out a bit

Shapes and rhythms
Abstract version :)

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