Thursday, 25 September 2014

Perth racecourse

Parade ring
Parade ring
The exciting bit

After the race

Hosing down after the race
PS  Would you believe this seems to be HORSEHAIR mulching this ornamental pot?

I braved the Ryder Cup traffic today and drove up to the last race meeting of the season at Perth Racecourse.  My reason was to do some drawing, but it turned out to be the most relaxing experience I have had for quite some time.  Everyone seemed to be completely enjoying themselves and I joined in effortlessly.  The weather was perfect, and Perth is a small course, so you can get to see the parade ring and the unsaddling enclosure, right up close and personal.  There were so many scenes of people just happily hanging out that I felt the need to brush up my people-drawing skills!  It was so different to be there for real rather than watching on TV or reading about it in the paper.

The action moves along seamlessly, from parade ring to horses going down to the start,
following the race on screen, and then everyone surges back to paddock to watch the unsaddling ritual.   I was so impressed by the riders, very tough, very fit and very brave to do this (over jumps) day in day out - AND they vault onto the horse while it is walking along in the paddock, no need for a leg-up.  And the horses are magnificent athletes too, tuned to the minute.  

Great day, Perth.  I will be back.  I did do some drawing, but as sometimes happens just got too carried away by the action. Next time...

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