Saturday, 20 September 2014

Good omen for the exhibition

Last week I was in a local town to look at a possible exhibition space.  It was a cool dreich Saturday morning.  I found the venue and had a look at it.  On the way back this little still-life jumped out at me.  It is a damp patch on the pavement outside a local hall, and they were preparing for a wedding later that day.  A little piece of decoration or confetti had falled amongst the autumn leaves on the pavement.  I liked it.  I snapped it.  I suddenly thought "it's time to start my blog again".

And the exhibition is booked for April 2016.  More news about this nearer the time, but I am planning to do some architectural drawings. 


  1. Good to see this blog active again. I visited your studio during the Open Studios event, and I was spellbound by your pictures of the buildings.

  2. Hi elizabeth. How nice to hear from you. I remember meeting you at OS. DIANA