Monday, 14 August 2017

Siobhan Davies, dance and body artist

Article here from January Guardian about the work of Siobhan Davies, the dancer and choreographer.  I personally really agree with her words:

"I think the mind is bloody wonderful, but the whole of us lives in the world and the whole of us communciates, the whole of us can fantasise and imagine.  I'd like us to turn the world around... We still hugely privilege the mind over everything else"

Davies collaborates with artists and scientists.  Her recent work, Material/rearranged/to/be refers to the idea of physical gesture: where it might come from and what it might mean"

As a source in this work, she used the extraordinary Mnemosyne Atlas (1924-1929) by Aby Warburg which shows how symbolic images and gestures reappear in different times and places throughout history... Warburg was curious about how the artists used the behaviour of the body to hold a thought"

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