Sunday, 26 February 2012

Walk in the park

Gentle stroll to village this morning, amazed by 3 separate groups of cyclists whizzing past 30 at a time, each group with its distinct soundtrack. Sometimes just silent effort except for the swish of tyres, sometimes whoops and shouts, and most remarkably, one group all chatting gently to one another, generating a sound like a river or a flock of birds.

Then a man with large camera vaulted over the fence into the park, and on the way back from the shops I observed him pursuing a solitary but extremely lively red squirrel around the playground in his attempt to get a good photo. All in the good local cause of demonstrating the rare wildlife that inhabits these parts.

My last encounter was with a dear friend and his son. This friend now has a form of dementia which limits his life greatly. I had not seen him for many months, so was immensely glad to have the chance to shake his hand and have a chat.

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